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If you are seeking help for a specific issue or just looking for general support and guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a consultation with me. I offer a variety of services, including hypnotherapy and counselling. I will work with you to find the best treatment plan to meet your needs. I look forward to speaking with you and helping you on your journey to healing and self-improvement.



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For quitting smoking most people stop with just one session of hypnotherapy Sydney in Randwick, but very occasionally someone may need a couple of back-up sessions. Unlike other issues such as weight loss or anxiety disorders the results for quitting smoking are usually immediate.

Straight after your first session, you will begin to establish new patterns. You will eliminate the old behaviours and habits that were holding you back.


Hypnosis will make you feel very relaxed. Everyone experiences hypnosis in their own way and that can range from a state of full awareness to a state of deep relaxation.  The hypnotic feeling is very similar to how you feel in the evening just prior to falling asleep.

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation. During this state, the mind is open to making the change on an unconscious level.  You will feel aware of what is going on and in complete control at all times. You will hear everything said and will remember everything that takes place.

If you would like Genie to answer your questions please follow the link and contact Genie today.

Anyone of reasonable intelligence who can follow instructions can be hypnotised.

Hypnosis is a state of focused attention and increased suggestibility, and most people are able to achieve this state with the guidance of a skilled hypnotist.

However, it is important to note that not everyone is equally responsive to hypnosis. Some individuals may be more naturally susceptible to hypnosis than others, while others may require more practice and guidance to enter a hypnotic state.

Overall, while most people can be hypnotised, the level of responsiveness to hypnosis can vary from person to person and will very depending on their level of openness to the the experience.

Hypnotherapy puts you in a deeply relaxed and calm state of mind which make you open to suggestion. Through Hypnosis you will focus directly on a goal to achieve positive change to be able to quit smoking. Hypnosis will strengthen your will-power.
Hypnosis will be able to re-program a belief you have and break triggers and associations.

The Hypnotherapy Program investment is $599 which includes a 90 min – 120 min session plus a backup session and phone support, if required.

The program is also available online.