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Yokohama City University Japan Study Finds Majority of Subjects Eliminate Standard Histamine Response to Poison Ivy

Yokohama City University in Japan conducted a study that demonstrated an astonishing 84% of subjects eliminated the standard histamine response to poison ivy.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Dermatological Science, involved 60 subjects who were exposed to poison ivy under hypnosis. The researchers then monitored the subjects’ skin reactions over a period of time. They found that when subjects under hypnosis imagined the poison ivy to be harmless 84% of the subjects did not show the typical histamine response to poison ivy, which includes redness, swelling, and itching.

The Yokohama City University study is a fascinating example of how the mind can influence the body’s physical response to a stimulus.

The study involved exposing 60 subjects to poison ivy, a plant that produces a substance called urushiol that can cause an itchy, red rash in some people. The typical immune response to urushiol involves the release of histamine, a chemical that causes inflammation and itching.

However, the researchers found that 84% of the subjects in the study did not show the typical histamine response to poison ivy.

The interesting aspect to this study – the fact that the mind may play a role in the body’s response to poison ivy.

The study authors note that some of the subjects who did not have the typical histamine response to urushiol reported that they were not particularly bothered by the rash, while others who did have the histamine response reported feeling very uncomfortable.

This suggests that there is a psychological component to the body’s response to poison ivy.

Some people may be able to “psych themselves up” to have a stronger immune response, while others may be able to “psych themselves down” and avoid the typical histamine response.

This phenomenon is sometimes referred to as the “mind over matter” effect.

It has been observed in other areas of medicine as well – for example, some studies have found that people who are told they are receiving a powerful painkiller actually experience less pain, even if the pill they are given is just a placebo.

While the mind-body connection is still not fully understood, it is an area of active research. Some experts believe that techniques like meditation, biofeedback, and hypnosis may be able to help people harness the power of their minds to improve their physical health.

The Yokohama City University study provides a fascinating glimpse into the complex interplay between the immune system, and the mind. As researchers continue to investigate these connections, we may gain new insights into how we can use our minds to heal our bodies.

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